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Jerry Brown, Technical Director of Hengtong Marine Cable Systems has been attending the 11thCRU Wire & Cable Conference 2017 (17-19 July at the Westin Grand, Munich, Germany). Hengtong Marine were invited by the conference organisers to attend & to present at the conference on the subject “Opportunities & Challenges in Marine Cables”.


The Hengtong Marine presentation, provided some company background and introduced the audience to the challenges for a new supplier to enter the submarine cable market, including the topics of factory design, location, deep water port and submarine cable test center. The marine cables client base is very diverse, and the different clients and product requirements were discussed, starting with standard optical fiber transmission cables (HORC-1 and HOUC-1 cables) designed & qualified to ITU standards which involve a sea trial.


These long length high volume products are very different to Oil & Gas / Scientific Observation Cable system clients who require customised products designed & qualified to ISO, API17E, DNV and other standards and who place a high level of importance & emphasis on product modelling for seabed stability, dynamic analysis. As each of these products are customised & uniquely designed to meet project requirements, there is no client requirement for a marine sea trial.


The successful Hengtong Marine cable qualification and marine sea trial activity (in conjunction with HMN and SBSS) was presented and a short video of the marine deployment and cable system recovery operations was presented. This was well received by the conference participants who followed up with several questions on Hengtong HV Power cables and Optical Fiber production capabilities.


This year the Wire & Cable conference has been well attended with over 170 attendees from 34 countries. The venue provided an excellent opportunity for networking and several useful business contacts have been established.