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Hengtong Marine Cable Systems(Hengtong Marine) and TJU(Tongji University) Ocean and Earth Sciences College singen agreement on the establishment of Ocean Engineering Technology Research Center. Both sides can display their respective advantages and build a long-lasting cooperative mechanism of working closely with universities and enterprises.Qianjianlin, the CEO of Hengtong Group and the Chairman of Hengtong Optic-Eletric, and Yangxianjin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of TJU attended the signing ceremony and presented speeches.

The Research Center will put great emphasis on the design, research and development of of submarine observation network and the construction,engineering and production of the network’s equipment. The initial tasks include the R&D of station base of submarine observation network,submarine equipment and the integration of submarine observation network and the improvement of industry standards. Both side will build a talent-breeding place through researched.

Qian Jianlin stated that with the national strategy of building a powerful navel country, the Research Center serves not only as a platform for high-end submarine equipment,technology,engineering and production, but also a teaching practice base for Marine Disciplines and even full disciplines to cultivate versatile talents and improve China’s independent innovation and core competence.

 Yang Xianjin gave high hopes to this cooperation and hoped to integrate universities and enterprises by the advantages of both sides and further combination of science and research teaching in universities and engineering practices of enterprises through the Center.

Hengtong Marine, dedicated to submarine communication,submarine observation network and offshore oil and gas platforms,is the main force in Oceanic Communication in Hengtong Group.Hengtong Maine’s cables and accessories have been approved by the military, UJ and UQJ, and the deepest deployment depth of its products is 8000 meters. Hengtong Marine’s engineering solutions and services have been successfully applied internationally.

TJU is the main driving force for the research, development and construction of submarine observation networks in China.  As the center of China’s deep sea study ,it possessed key research institutions domestically and internationally, including National Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and International Ocean Development Plan.

Experts pointed out, the joint effort of both sides with greatly push forward the development of national ocean communication ,advance China’s ocean economy and further contribute to national naval strength.

As a leading enterprise in Submarine Economic Era,Hengtong is devoted to the R&D and integration of Submarine Power Transmission and Communication, and provides a series of integrated solutions with production and engineering of high reliability and high cost performance.

Hengong’s solutions of submarine communication, power transmission have already been applied in major projects like China Unicom, Zhoushan Telecom,Penglai Island and Shanghai Telecom. Our product have also been applied in key projects in countries and regions like Egypt,Thiland,Russia, Maldives,Malaysia,Sri Lanka and Venezuela.