During 18 - 21 of April, Hengtong Global Industries Group, Hengtong Fibre Optic Co., Ltd and Hengtong Marine Cable Systems Co. Ltd together showed up at Suboptic 2016 Dubai.

Suboptic is professional submarine cable systems exhibition that is conducted by every 3 years and at this exhibition, worldwide players can make acquaintance, marketing, and sharing information with each other.


During this exhibition, Hengtong Group was well acknowledged of latest technology development of submarine cable systems and new demands from this industry. Heongtong Fibre Optic thoroughly exchanged ideas with submarine cable clients on fiber technologies specially applied to submarine cables, and customers were deeply interested in LLA-110 & LUA-130 spec of fibres that are in large capacity (up to 400 G) and effective area with low losses, afterwards, Hengtong and clients reached further agreement of cooperation and future actions.


In addition, 2 Hengtong papers were submitted and selected for presentation at conference hall, the 2 papers were about Oil&Gas Platform Project Execution challenges & Solutions that delivered by Hengtong Marine’s Technical Director Dr. Jerry. Brown and another presentation on Analysis & Improvement to Submarine Cable Crush and impact Performance was thrown by Mr. Shen Weiwei who is Technology Development Engineer at Hengtong Marine. In the first presentation, Mr. Brown illustrated all the challenges occurred during the process of accessory design, communication with clients, and manufacturing, and then gave all the solutions to those challenges one by one. During second presentation, Mr. Shen Weiwei introduced how to effectively improve the crush and impact performance of submarine optic cables, and by enlisting data analysis, Mr. Shen Weiwei also proved some property advantages of Hengtong’s Submarine Optic Fibre Cables. As the only Cable manufacturer from China who gave presentations at Suboptic 2016, the influence of Hengtong Group and popularity of Hengtong Marine was greatly promoted.


In the course of exhibition, Hengtong Marine contacted with E-Marine (Renowned submarine cable installation company in Middle-East) about following projects of cable installation, Hengtong personnel also introduced company capabilities and product advantages, in conclusion, this conversation laid firm foundation for future cooperation between two companies.


Hengtong Marine is advancing by continuous efforts and solid actions, through providing excellent products and services to clients, Hengtong Marine will make true of her dream that is Global Quality from China.