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12th -14th April 2016, Dr Jerry Brown, Technical Director of Hengtong Marine attended ICPC Plenary 2016. He gave a speech “On-Bottom (Seabed) Stability Design of Cables”.

The ICPC (International Cable Protection Committee) now comprises 160 Member companies from more than 60 countries, who are interested in the critical aspects of operating, building, securing and maintaining submarine cable infrastructure. ICPC Members are responsible for taking care of over 97% of the world’s submarine telecommunications cable infrastructure, and many international submarine power cables.

The ICPC Plenary 2016 was held in Hamburg, Germany. The theme is: The Case for Submarine Cables: Protecting and enhancing the global environment with power and communications.

Hengtong Marine’s presentation was well received by the ICPC members, and this is the first academic exchanging with international community of Submarine cable systems.

The timing of the presentation was very relevant to at least two cable system owners who have suffered recent cable failures. These cable failures (from another supplier) were due to the instability of cables on the seabed due to currents and wave effects which led to rapid cable abrasion failures.