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   Recently, Jiangsu Hengtong marine cable systems made two major technological breakthrough.
   Hengtong marine five series have relay submarine cable recently passed all 36 of the pilot project, and successfully passed the international submarine cable authority of the technical platform universal cable joint union (ujc) UJ certification, obtain the full range of 13 certificate. With the 2013 obtained five relay of the submarine optical fiber cable series 13 uqj certification, prosper the ocean has become domestic universal cable joint union (ujc) certificate combination most, certification of cable - most of the submarine cable manufacturer one.
   At the same time, prosper the ocean have relay submarine cable also recently successfully completed the 4400 meters water depth of the sea try to become the first breakthrough and the completion of the water depth in the sea trial of submarine cable manufacturers.
   At present, Hengtong marine products have been used in the major projects at home and abroad. Through the acquisition of the UJ certification and 4400 meters water depth of sea trial marks Hengtong marine product performance has made significant technological breakthrough, reached the international advanced level.