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Hengtong Marine Cable System


Hengtong Marine Cable system,located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province and only 68 nautical miles away from the Yangtze River estuary, is established by Hengtong Optic-Electric Co.,Ltd for submarine cable based R&D and production. It focuses on ocean engineering cables and accessories, such as submarine optical fiber cables, submarine power cables, optical fiber composite submarine cables, joint closures and etc.   Hengtong will expand our annual production capability from current 2000km to 4000km at end of 2014 and 6000km in 2016.

With 11 years of submarine cable technology, the design of Hengtong optical fiber submarine cable combined the advantages of domestic and foreign manufacturers, and the application of cage-stranded way maximized the reduction in internal stress of the steel wire. Hengtong’s generic optical fiber submarine cable, with double interior armored layer, and unequal diameter high-carbon steel wire with the unidirectional stranding process, formed a stable and compact structure, which effectively enhanced the hydraulic pressure and impact resistance capability, providing effective protection to the stainless steel unit, thus ensuring the long-term use of the optical fiber cable in deep sea.


 Hengtong Marine’s unique large length (continuous 21 days non-stop production, 35kM and above length without joints), large cross-section (110 / 220kv up to 3500mm²) high, medium and low voltage power cables, submarine cables, optical fiber composite submarine cables which have been widely selected and applied and rigorously tested in many major projects in the world.

Our products are being qualified by UQJ certificate, For UQJ Certification, Hengtong is the submarine optical fiber cable manufacturer with the most complete product series (five kinds of products in one series, including LW, LWP, SAL, SA, DA), which specify the applicability to 5,000m water depth.

We sent the repeater cable sample to UJ at June this year, and will get the UJ certificate at end of this year.
Hengtong Marine has served customers whole-heartedly, and committed to providing customers with quality products and satisfactory services.



R & D

Innovation is the soul of Hengtong development. 

Hengtong has established the National Corporate Postdoctoral Research Station, State-level Corporate Technical Innovation Center , Jiangsu Province Optical Cable Transmission Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiangsu Provincial Academician Workstation.

All R & D centers on the State-level Corporate Technical Innovation Center as the core organization, with open, joint and flow operating mechanism, aiming at power, communications transmission,sub marine engineering and other cutting-edge fields.
Based on the technological progress and innovation of the state-level corporate technical center, Hengtong Marine has a world-class R & D team and manufacturing team to provide strong support for the structural design of the products, manufacturing and laying.



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